Client: Hair Salons
Package Design
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Many incredible professional hair colors in today's market perform at very high levels, but no matter which brand is used, color fades. Not only does color fade, but over processed hair tends to dry out, losing its strength and shine over time. Keracolor has developed a new Color Enhancing Technology that magnifies and illuminates the dimensional highlights in specific hair types. Keracolor is a daily leave-in treatment which deposits color on the hair shaft that lasts until you shampoo again giving it added depth and luminosity. Kercolor not only gives you the freshly colored look every time, it infuses keratin into the hair shaft adding strength and elasticity to your hair. Keracolor is enriched with a C.E.T. Complex to enhance, protect, strengthen and hydrate all hair types. It adds instant shine and moisture, fighting environmental stress and free radicals, while providing thermal protection.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.